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If you see your lender below, please click through and check the details carefully to ensure that the details are exactly the same. Some loan sharks try to pose as regulated lenders by using similar names to confuse consumers.

In trouble? Be smart.

If you think you're in danger right now or are being threatened by a loan shark, consider going to the police - even if a loan shark has threatened you with the police themselves. Authorised lenders do not threaten to use the police to collect a debt. So remember, you are not in trouble and have done nothing wrong; they are the ones committing the crime and the loan is legally unenforceable.

Alternatively, if you are struggling to escape the clutches of a loan shark, get help using the details below. Talking to someone who understands what you are going through can really help - your local Illegal Money Lending Team will be able to help and support you. They will also be able to investigate your situation more fully.

If you searched for a lender on Loan Smart and they're not registered, check their status with the FCA.

If you think they could be a loan shark, here's what you can do next:

1. Do nothing - this is always an option but isn't going to help us weed out illegal lenders. By sharing your experience, you might be able to help stop illegal lenders from preying on the vulnerable.

2. Contact your local Illegal Money Lending Team (see details below) and tell them what is happening - they are hugely experienced and can really help.

3. Get other help - might you want to talk to someone for some general advice about money matters or something else? If you are feeling uncomfortable, it might be worth talking to someone that can help - contact one of the organisations listed below. Their experienced advisers can talk you through a range of possible options on what to do next.

Do the right thing and report them. If you choose to report them, you don't have to give your name.

We really want your help.

Who you report a loan shark to depends on where you live in the UK:


Illegal Money Lending Unit 0300 123 3311 07772 608 931

Trading Standards Scotland 0800 074 0878
Northern Ireland

Trading Standards Consumer line 0300 123 6262

Get help here

Being Loan Smart is about getting support when you need it. There are lots of places you can get free, confidential advice, whatever you're worried about. The sooner you get help, the sooner you can start to put things right.